Nabisco union strike- how do we treat factory workers?

If you’re wondering why your local grocery store is out of Oreos, it could be due to the worker strike at Mondelez International- which owns Nabisco (which produces products such as Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Nilla Wafers and more). Unionized workers are calling for restoration of a pension plan and demanding shorter shift lengths. During the pandemic, production-line workers continued to go into the factories every day for shifts as long as 16 hours all while the management teams at Nabisco worked from the comfort of their own home.

Should deskless workers, like those in the factories, and office workers be treated differently? It’s worth noting the vast amount of people in warehouse, healthcare, food service, and retail industries finding work elsewhere during this time. In part, Nabisco owes record profits to employees that have put in the work in the factories and distribution centers.