New iOS feature will add State IDs to iPhones

Apple has announced that in Arizona and Georgia iPhone users will be able to share their state ID with TSA using a digital picture through the Wallet app. It’s said that this will work in a similar way that adding your credit card to your phone works. Personally, I don’t have that information in my phone, but I know a lot of people that use Apple Pay. For the app to use your license correctly, it will require the user to scan the ID and take a selfie that the state will use for verification purposes.

This will likely bring about a lot of security concerns, however Apple maintains that it has measures in place to combat potential threats. Apple also says that it will have no idea when or where a user presents their ID and that biometric authentication is required for any data to be shared.

While this would add convenience to some lives, it’s important to note that around 20% of American’s still don’t even have a smartphone. If this becomes the new standard, it could lead to further disadvantages as far as equity and fairness goes in this country.

Are there other potential threats in terms of security we should be cognizant of before this new method providing proof of identification begins?